Cookie and brownie ideas for the holidays?

I want to bake a variety of baked goods for my places of business. I have 3 seperate businesses I want to give a plate of baked goods too for all my coworkers and such. I just need a few ideas of different varieties of mixtures I can put together.

I'm not trying to spend a million dollars so cookie recipes I can make a lot would be the most ideal. I was definitely thinking of incorporating Chocolate chip cookies and brownies, but I need additional ideas. Maybe a peppermint cookie? Or peanut butter?

Also, any recipes would be great :) thanks.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    Make brownie mix

    Get 7-12 peppermints

    Crush the peppermints

    Mix peppermints in with the mix


    Voila You made the world famous peppermint brownies

  • Christmas Cut Out Sugar Cookies

    You can cut them out with christmas shapes cookie cutters and even put icing or sprinkles on them.

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