Identification of Anions and Cations in Solution lab... It is honors chemistry. :) PLEASE :) HELP :)?

The objectives were to beable to see how ioniccompounds are formed by an anion and cation as well as begin to understand how they react to form a precipitate and to be able to identify ion content of an unknown solution throughidentificationofknown tests for chosen ions... I need a practial application for this lab (how to use it in real life) Please help in any way you cannnnn :)

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  • Colin
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    9 years ago
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    Chrome yellow is a well known pigment. It is made by applying the process above.

    Pb2+(aq) + CrO4 2-(aq) ---> PbCrO4(s)

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  • olvey
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    4 years ago

    If there are SO3 2- ions in answer, therapy with acid will type H2SO3 (sulfurous acid), which would be oxidised by KMnO4, inflicting the colour of the KMnO4 to vanish. Br- and that i- ions are colourless, so as that they have got not have been given any bearing on the colour shaped. AgCl is white, and dissolves in chilly aqueous ammonia. AgBr is off-white, and in part dissolves in chilly ammonia, yet thoroughly in warm aqueous ammonia. AgI is notably yellow, and could no longer dissolve in aqueous ammonia.

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