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Where do I get a good quality dress for a dance in the size of double 0?

I'm 12, I'm super small. Not anorexic, Just small. 7th grade. Dances! NO DRESSES! I need a reasonably priced, good quality dress :)

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    pretty much anywhere that sells dresses... try forever21 i guess?

  • 9 years ago

    department stores often carry smaller sizes! and i'm pretty sure forever 21 does to! same with hollister but that isn't fancy (like semi-formal) now I'm sure you don't want to hear this but you may be able to find something in the childrens section somewhere that you could alter to be better for 7th grade rather than 4th, look for something simple that could easily be added to or a great top and just need to shorten the bottom or add some great accesories! I know you'll find something my younger sister has the same problem and we have always been able to make her look glamerous!! good luck!!

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