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Windows XP Home will not re-activate after I upgraded the hardware. Can this be fixed?

I upgraded the mobo, RAM, and processor on my parents' computer, and when I try to re-activate Windows (which I can't log in without) the automated phone system tells me it is "not a valid product". I just found out that it's an OEM install, so it won't work on the new hardware. If I put the old hardware back in the machine, will WIndows work again? Or, is there some way to make it work (legally) without a complete re-install?

Thank you in advance.

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    WinXP is 11 years old. It is painfully outdated. Did your computer come pre-installed with it? If so a new computer would be your best bet.

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    It's because of the MOBO. The MOBO is where the mac address is and this is what's tied directly to the activation.

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