what are my chances getting accepted into NJIT?

My Gpa is a 85.6 = 3.06 (out of 4.0)

class rank 138 out of 505 = 27% of my class 2012

SAT score: 1250 (out of 2400) Math:510 Reading:370 Writing:370

Extracurricular Activities:

Math club- 1 year

Technology student association- 4 years

Key club- 4 years

Dickinsioian- 1 year


2nd place robotics winner (Technology Student Association)

Community Service:

volunteered to help elderly

volunteered to help clean liberty state park

volunteered to help at the zoo


Super strong essay

applied early (Oct 10th) rolling admission

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    SAT Critical Reading: 470 - 590 98%

    SAT Math: 540 - 650 98%

    SAT Writing: 460 - 570

    these are the sat requirements for that college and urs is below

    however if i was to rate ur chances.....6.5/10

    ur gpa kind of makes up for it

    p.s round up ur gpa cos thats what teh collegs do

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