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Do I have a big problem or am I just over thinking ..?

It all started about a year ago and never has changed I over heard a few comments about people could smell something not at all saying it was me but what do you think when someone says that I thought it must be me because I couldn't smell anything anyway later that day someone Diffrent said smell that and I thought again is that me by the way about 25 people were in the room at the time do I started to avoid people because of it and now it has got so bad that I hate being with people because it's always on my mind evm though people say I don't I get all hot and really feel awkward I've now cut my social life out and only going to work because I have to but if I'm off I stay home and I can't really go out without feeling like people are talking about me now I can't even walk past someone without giving them awkward eye contact JUST BECAUSE OF THIS ONE INCIDENT I now feel very sad an in a vicious cycle .. Will I ever feel comfortable around people I'm only young as well thanks for reading :)

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    Bring an areosole with you, you can get pocket sized ones.

    Your being parinoid too, I doubt if someone would smell the same for a year...

    If it does get really bad again try to have longer washes or increase the soap you use....

    Try to block it from entering your head, otherwise it will get worse

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