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Rose asked in PetsDogs · 9 years ago

Humane society wont give dog back?

My sister rescued a mixed terrier last year from someone who was about to surrender her. Her name was Sammi and she was my sister, Janet's best friend. Well Sammi slipped out one day when someone was opening the door something sparked her attention and she went chasing after it. Jan searched for her until dark and then again the next morning. She put out announcements and called the shelter every week for 2 months with no avail. She is totally heart broken yesterday she put up a picture of her and Sammi on facebook and said all she wants for Christmas is Sammi back. Then today when she called the shelter they said somebody has just surrendered her that day. Janet went in to see her immediately she brought in shot records and photo's proving Sam was her dog. They said unless she pays $350.00 they can't have Sammi back. Jan said she's so thankful she's safe and she's happy she will get a good home but she's just heartbroken. She said she could come up with the money but not right away, she can have it at the beginning of next week but they will not hold any dog. And they still put her up on their website for adoption. They're allowed to do this?


She wasn't micro-chipped :/ They basically said she doesn't have enough proof that Sammi is hers'.

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    Wow - if they think she is qualified to take the dog back, they should at least work with her to let her pay the fee.

    A couple of suggestions - put that out on Facebook, and set up a ChipIn so people can donate, and call the local reporter for your newspaper or better yet, TV station. That's a great story, and you would get lots of people donating to help her get her dog back.

    In the meantime, find anyone you can to post the full wamount and out the dog on hold, or they could easily adopt her out to someone else, and she wouldn't get her back.

    Rylee - please email me her PF listing. You don't have email set up, and I have rescue contacts that could perhaps help - no promises, but I can try.

  • CF_
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    9 years ago

    When the dog was lost did you report the dog missing to the shelter?

    YES the shelter can charge any fines the dog owes - such as running at large, and so forth.

    They are required by law to hold the dog for 72 hours from the time it came in to putting it for adoption, call first thing in the morning and talk to the manager about the charges.

    If you cannot pay, they do have the right to put the dog for adoption.

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    Not if there's a dispute. Contact the manager of the shelter and CALMLY discuss this, if there's no resolve, then file a police report of theft, contact animal control and file a report with them. Those would be better ways than trying to get the media interested.

    You've got documented 2 months worth of searching, vet bills, etc. on the dog. While you will have to pay a fee, it should be lower than the $350. Was she microchipped? If yes, they should have phoned you immediately.

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    There usually is a fee to get your dog back, $350 is pretty steep though. I think she needs to talk to whoever is in charge, they may be able to work something out with her. Otherwise, maybe you could take up a collection amoungst your friends and help her raise the funds to get the dog back.

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  • 9 years ago

    As far as I know since the dog is her property and she can prove it, they cannot do this. She needs to ask a local attorney, and maybe he'll be nice enough to make a phone call.

  • 9 years ago

    No way thats so mean!!!! Totally not you would think they would want whats best for the dog and to give it a good home

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    9 years ago


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