Am i just a second choice...?

ohkay.. i was talking to this guys for like 3 months,&he got a girlfriend... yeah i was like wtf too.. when he told me it tore me apart. i just broke down. i really didnt know what to do. i keeps going back to him. my friend told me it was "love". i dont think so. but i reeeeeeaaaalllllllyyyy like this kid,&he told me he didnt like her anymore,so i asked why dont you just break up with her? he said ill wait for her to break up with me. shes head over heals for him... -__- so thats not going to happy. i want to cry so bad..&iwant to move on but i cant. what do i doooooooo?! someone please help ..

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  • 9 years ago
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    What does he mean 'he's gona wait until she breaks up with him'?? Girl move on. You've answered your own question. He sounds like a guy that is getting off on 2 ladies 'being head over heels' for him.

  • 9 years ago

    Forget about it. He's not worth it.

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