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Mac os x panther install?

ok so if i buy mac os x panther on amazon. like the actual bootable disc. and boot from it on my windows pc will it work? i meet the requirements and everything. will it install and will the software work on my computer?

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    Yes you can, but it isb't easy to do, here is a guide on how to achieve what you want

    the best way if you don't want to buy a mach is to build a machine to run OSX (usually called a Hackintosh), here is a guide to building one

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    you could till the installer detects some subject, consisting ofcontinual corruption which could no longer be repaired wanting erase or no longer adequate loose area. The Leopard installer provides you with 4 possibilities (I further the numbers): a million. improve OS X 2. Archive and deploy 3. Archive and deploy, shield purchasers and community Settings 4. Erase and deploy. selection a million won't impact something outdoors of the Apple utility (OS X and suitable purposes). selection 2 will placed the folders spoke of as "purposes", "Developer" (regardless of if that's put in), "Library", and "purchasers" right into a clean folder spoke of as "previous structures" and deploy all clean OS X Leopard and suitable purposes. that would desire to impact another purposes which you have put in consisting of (yet no longer constrained to) Adobe CS3 or Microsoft place of work. you will possibly would desire to create a clean person account after the restart, only like a clean computing device. selection 3 is like selection 2 different than the purchasers folder is moved out of "previous structures" for use with the clean deploy of Leopard (your comparable previous account is preserved, alongside with different person debts, in case you proportion the computing device). interior the purchasers folder is your place folder which incorporates, between different issues: * documents on your very own computing device and interior the information folder * Your personalised determination settings * handle e book contacts and databases * widespread places and documents superhighway browser bookmarks * iTunes songs and iPhoto photos * iMovie initiatives * Your community settings and places lower back, some 0.33-occasion purposes would be affected and may be able to no longer artwork wisely till you reinstall them. selection 4 is entire erase of the frustratingcontinual earlier a clean deploy. All previous stuff is long previous consistently. only use 3 in case you could login advantageous (by way of typing a password or by way of auto-login) however the gadget seems to have issues and additionally you are worried the topics will loaf around after installation Leopard. only use 2 in case your person account is hosed. only use 4 if the frustratingcontinual has issues that Disk application can no longer restore.

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