How can I get my reputation back!?

So this all started on a Friday. My favorite day of the week, last day of school before the weekend, a day to relax and no one can get in my way.

I was in school (7th grade) at lunch and I had to pee so I went to the bathroom closest to the cafeteria. Well, in the largest stall there was "Tiffany is a wh*re" Written on the door. Tiffany is one of my close friends. So then when I saw what was written in the stall, two other people came into the bathroom. I went out the stall to see who it was. It was my two other friends Megan and Nina.

I showed them what was written about Tiffany and we were all crammed in that stall with the door shut. About 5-10 seconds later, Tiffany and 3 other friends of hers came in the bathroom. Not knowing it was them, I read out loud what was written on the bathroom door to Megan and Nina. I spent a good 5-10 minutes crossing it out, when about at the 7 minute mark Nina took a picture of me crossing it out and sent it to Tiffany.

She told Tiffany I wrote it. Tiffany HATES my guts now. She tells everyone lies about me and posted a status about me on Facebook. She even posted the picture and wrote as a caption, "Hey look, its Riley writing about how im a wh*re on the bathroom stall!" Hey so guess what? EVERYONE hates me now. I tried to tell Tiffany the truth but she does not buy it. All my friends turned to her side. So basically i have no friends or life anymore. What the heck...All I did was try and help my friend, but look where that led me.

Overall question: How can I get Tiffany and everyone else to believe me and get my reputation back without them hating on me?

Thanks guys. Best answer 10 points. (OH, and do not say to end my relationship with Tiffany. Sure, she has called me some rude things but I understand why. She must be broken right now.)

Thank you so much guys.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Get that girl and tell her she better tell the truth. Find out a secret about her and threaten her to tell everyone if she dont clear things up.

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