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My best friend's six year old daughter is dying?

What are some things that I can do to help out? Her daughter has been in and out of the hospital for the past year in a half. What would you do to help your best friend?

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    Bring her some frozen homemade meals and if you can afford it prepay for maid service so that she doesn't have as much to worry about at home and can have more time to take care of herself or to be with her daughter. You can also get together with other friends of hers or people from her church to set up a schedule to provide her with help with household chores on a regular basis and to keep her freezer stocked.

    If treatment is unlikely to save her daughter's life then anything that can help your friend have as much time with her daughter as possible will be the best gift you can give her. Financial help is often needed by parents of terminally ill children but should not be the top priority when time may be limited. Money can be acquired later, but lost time is gone forever.

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    Just be there for her. When my mom was dying I just needed someone to sit with me and to help me get out of the hole I felt like I was falling in. Show her support by being there for her daughter too. When people came to visit it made my mom light up. It helped her escape the fact that she was in the hospital. As hard as it is for the family members it even harder for the patient. I had a particular person that came to visit my mom and brought her all sorts of things to keep her spirits up. She is six years old and scared, making her happy and comfortable will no doubt make her mom more happy. Nothing makes a parent more happy than seeing their child smile. She might need to get away from time to time but will probably be hesitant to do so. Help her by telling her that its ok to take some time. Even just taking her out for a lunch and or coffee can be a great stress reliever. And last but not least, be there for her through everything. because as hard as this is now, its only the beginning. If her daughter does die ( And Im really hoping and praying she does not) she will need you a thousand times more than she does now. Be strong and be supportive. Good luck, You sound like a great friend.

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    just be there for her, be it an ear needed when she need too talk, or someone to do something else with too get a mental break, which is important sometimes so she isnt run so into the ground she doesnt feel capable of being there for her daugther...its important that someone also take care of her so she keep her strength in this, simple things like preparing dinners, help with cleaning and so on so things dont fall apart around her, and take her out if she is willing at times

    in hardship what is most important when trying too take care of others is having someone there too help take care of you and your soroundings so everything dont fall apart, as much as she probably wont want too take breaks and dont feel the rigth too maybe as would often be normal, doing so is a chance for her too take a deep breath, regain herself and be better capable of being there for her daugther then if she run herself into the ground

    but only someone close too a person can know how too aproach this too get them away and too take a break, just even go out for a small dinner or a cup of coffe, see a movie an hour or two, just too hook of everything, and give the brain a break from all the hard stuff, which is difficult because often in such situation nothing bad or stressfull feels like it can compare too what the person who is sick is going through, no it cant but if you wear yourself out you arent capable of thinking straigth and wont be able too suport them as well either, wont have a clear mind too talk too the doctors and ask questions, breaks as such is important, just even 5 min of fresh air inbetween to clear your head a bit

  • Pray, pray, pray, and pray. EVEN IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE IN GOD- just pray. Honestly, pray. Even I have prayed- but that's not enough. Post this question on christian websites, and just pray.God knows what you're going through- he knows the pain, the heartache- all of it. Now, you must trust in God. It's the only way you'll survive this ordeal. God is with you- just ask for his presence now, and i'm SURE you'll receive it. God has got an amazing plan for your life- use this experience to find God. He loves your best friends daughter, as she is a queen of the kingdom of God.

    God bless,

    Eliane Pozi

    Source(s): My heart- I love you, and God loves you much more.
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    community fundraiser

    that must be really expensive

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