So there is the guy.. PLEASE HELP!?

Prepare for a loooong story. Btw, do NOT judge me because I'm not very proud of the things I do. Thanks. Please read this all because I am about to cry and Idk what to do.

There is this guy. I've known him for a couple of years. He is very hot and "out of my league" I think so. He used to be a dancer, he was part of a crew. He loves the dubstep music and he is really nice. He is like 17 and he is basically that cool guy who like to talk about funny stuff.

In the years that we have talked, we used to sext and all that stuff, talkin' about what we would do to each other sexual and sex. We don't anymore so that's a first step.

When we first started talkin' he told my friend he though I was cute and called the the night we started textin'.

I got hang out with him Friday and Saturday because he came over to a friends house while I was there. Me and him stayed the night along with some other friends. Well when we were hanging out, we would flirt A LOT like hitting each other and I was laying a different way on the couch with my feet on the back and he set his head against my leg and when I was sitting the couch, he used my head as a pillow. Cute right? I thought so myself haha and while we were laying on the couch by ourselves, he fingered me and I gave him a hand job. Not proud of that but were just teens.

I have so unexplainable feelings for this guy, I cried yesterday and I'm crying today. I feel like life isn't worth it with him around. He makes me feel so confident when I'm around him and I have really bad self esteem problem but he is the guy I want to be with. He is soo cool and amazing and when I talk to him, I feel so annoying and not good enough. I don't know if I'm cool enough to talk to him and Idk why he talks to me or even likes me lol Idk if I love him or just really like him

I want this guy to be around me a lot and I feel like I wanna change for him, I already want to change for myself and I know it's bad to change for someone but it would help me as well. I can't hang out with him as much because he has a car. I want to be around him soo bad! He makes me forget the guys I like and it feels so right with this one guy. Idk what to do, I don't wanna text him too much and be obsessive. I don't wanna screw this up with him so how can I get HIM to wanna me interested in ME. He has the type of girls who are creative and Intelligent. I've always wanted to be that way. I really need help guys! I want to talk to this guy, How do I get him to want to talk to me and think I'm cool. Thanks!


if anyone wants to help me out and give me advice for a couple of weeks and check up on me, Email me at

You can be my Hitch haha

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  • 9 years ago

    He's already talking to you and I'm almost positive he has strong feelings from you from the stuff you've given us. Don't worry too much about it just let it happen and hope it works out. Good luck!

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