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Albino, or normal red tail boa?

Going to a reptile expo in dallas saturday and getting a red tail boa for my birthday/christmas. Clicked on the link of the vendors and discovered their albinos are pretty cheap and so are the normals. But here is my problem, I CAN'T DECIDE BETWEEN WHETHER I WANT AN ALBINO OR A NORMAL!!!

Both are beautiful..just would like to have yall's opinion. (And before anybody says anything, i have researched and i know all the care and how big they get so don't tell me that stuff PLEASE.) Thank you for any comments :)

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    I'm one of the vendors at the show you're going to. I have albino and normal boas, among a variety of other snakes. The main difference other than appearance, of course, is the value. Normals are much cheaper than albinos, but also, if for some reason you decide to sell it when it gets much larger, normals are hard to get rid of because there are so many unwanted normal boas out there. Albinos are easy to get rid of as adults because people are always interested in breeding morphs and an adult albino would have a higher resale value. There is no difference between albinos and normals as far as size and temperament go. You can come and take a look and I'll be glad to answer any questions you might have at the show. I might not be there Saturday since I'm supposed to film a tv show with Jake the Snake Roberts, but I'll have people working my table for me. Good luck!

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    That's a super hard one - it comes down to what you like the best so I'd just take a look and decide when you're there. I totally agree with black mamba in that the Suriname boas (the true red tails are amazing and only get better with age). The albinos are stunning too though. I have a couple surinames that are probably my all time fav boas and I also have two albinos - one was mixed with a Suriname down the line and actually retained a lot of red in her tail and she's really pretty. Sunglows are gorgeous too - I just recenty got a breeder male, which I'll be breeding with my female albinos and honestly when I saw him in person....well he was far more beautiful in person.

    Madsnakeman is correct also in that if you were to ever re-home a boa, you will have a much easier time with an adult albino as opposed to a normal boa.

    There really are so many beautiful boas and I could probably go on forever - I just got a baby salmon and she's so cute. The salmons are very inexpensive too and aren't too different from the normals except that they have a really pretty peachy color to them.

    My biggest wish list boa right now is a snow - they're another amazing many to choose from!!

    Just go to the show and talk to different vendors, check out their snakes and see what you think. If you're getting one as a pet that you can't go wrong - choose what you love!!

    Source(s): My boas: 1.1 surinames 1.1 salmon het albinos 0.2 albinos 1.0 sunglow 1.1 Brazilian rainbow boas
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    The best thing would be a het for albino boa. You need to know if your snake is Kahl or Sharp albino, as the two are not compatible. Colors normally change as boas get older. It is normal for the oranges and yellows on an albino to fade as they get older.

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    Congrats bro! I remember I got a pastel hypo dh sunglow for my birthday! If it's a present, and you aren't paying, I'd DEFINITELY go with the albino, You really don't see those around at pet stores rather than a normal. You also might find something else you like, like a motley or so. It's all about opinion, I think you'll figure out what you want when you see it (:

    Source(s): Own snakes for 3 years/ been going to expos for 5
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    As has been said, its what you like. There are also two different albino genes out there, sharp & kahl. Personally, I'd either get a kahl sunglow (albino & hypo), or a true red tail, like a suriname our guyana. If you don't know what those are, do a search for some pics.

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    It's a matter of preference of course, but check out the link below. To me the ultimate Red Tail comes from Suriname. Look for these at the swap and then decide what you like best.

    Either way, this is an AWESOME snake and you will no doubt have years of enjoyment ahead.

    Good luck; I hope this helps

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    if your going to breed get a female albino and if your getting a male get a regular or a het, females are more domente in the gene pool for snakes females are more expencive but if your just getting a boa for show you can get either or i recommend normals i find that boas the have morphs are more prone to the respatorie issuse then the regular's my female pastle has had 4 lung infections while my male het albino only got 1 minor one and the have been housed together sence day one they are brother and sister allways eat so thats just my oppinon

    hope i helpd :)

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