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Will I pass my drug test next week?

I'm applying to be a loss prevention associate at kmart. i have to go in for a drug test next week. i've smoked in the past but never on a regular basis. the last time i smoked was in september, i only took maybe one hit of weed then, and I smoked a very little bit back in july. Would that be traceable by now? What type of test should I expect to take, urine or hair analysis?

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    It really doesn't matter which test they give you. Weed usually flushes out of your system in 30 days. Even a heavy smoker cleans out after a month. You're good to go.

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    on your interior reach organic suplement keep you would possibly want to come across a body cleansing drink, about 12 oz.. drink a million hour to 40 5 min before attempt, then 15 min later 12 oz..of H20, and 15 min later, yet another 12oz of H20. dodge all pollution till after attempt. eat a lot of vegatables and culmination. If no longer some thing else that is going to purchase you some more advantageous days in case your question wasn't compleately straightforward re: your utilization. you'll possibly favor to be retested some days later, notwithstanding it gained't educate an excellent result. solid success! A "toke" the following and there and that i'm a kinder more advantageous gental and larger affected individual individual. this may no longer be outlawed the way it truly is.

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    You better take the urine test that will determine the presence of drug on your body but I guess this is more inaccurate compare to hair follicles and blood samples. Just increase you oral fluid intake and eat foods that is rich in fiber to eliminate the toxins on your system.

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    Most likely companies have you take urine tests because they are cheaper. Depending on your body sometimes it stays in your urine for up to 3 weeks. You should be fine.

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    Three months ago? You're fine. No problem. They will do a standard urine test and you'll be clear/clean.

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