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what were some important aspects of ww2?

what are some important things that came from ww2, good things. like independence for different nations, etc. and what are some influential aspects?

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    World War 2 was a MAJOR turning point in history. After the war, the Soviet Union which had been invaded by Germany, had pushed the Nazis out of their country and threw eastern Europe. At the Yalta conference the Allies decided that Germany would be split into 4 occupation zones, American, British, French, and the Russians would get roughly the eastern half as their occupation zone. In addition Berlin, the old capitol which was in the center of the Russian zone would also be divided into 4 zones. In 1948 the Russians blocked all road and rail lines into Berlin, hoping to drive the Allies out. In response to this the Allies began the Berlin Airlift, which ran for almost a year and in the end brought more food and supplies in than the land routes had before the blockade.

    The Germans were amazed that their former enemies would go to such length's to help them and feed them, and as a result the 2 became much closer.

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