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Tips on training and trying out for Jr. High track?

Okay, so I'm not the best runner ever. I mean, I'm okay (ish) but I'd really like to do track, and maybe cross country next year if I think I'd be ready. What are some tips and strategies for getting ready to try out? Oh, and for Jr. High, do a lot of people generally try out? Are try outs hard? What do you do at the try outs?

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    I have never heard of try-outs for junior high track. You must be in a huge school?

    Anyway I'd suggest you do some running to prepare. Don't worry about your speed, start at a comfortable pace and try to extend the time that you can run. Track races and XC are mostly short so if you can get up to 20-30 minutes continuous run that would be good.

    Do a few runs with "pickups" that is do your regular pace and then between telephone poles, or timed on a watch or just some random time slowly pick up the pace until you feel like you're going comfortably hard, hold it for a few seconds and go back to a jog.

    Try running on a track if you can get to one so you get used to the size, the lanes and the turns.

    I don't think a junior high team would be expected to be top-notch running gods at this point. So be brave, show up and give it your best.

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