Is it ok for girls that have boyfriends to go to the club with their girfriends?

I'm in a relationship with my bf of 2 years. I've gone to the club before the first year we were together for my 18th bday with my friends (girls) I invited him but he didn't want to go. He admitted later to me when we were getting serious that he didn't mind because he wasn't really into me. And now he says its not right for me to go to the club alone because something might happen. I tell him I'm not going to be dancing with guys or interacting with them I'm just going with my girls. And the last time I went I did just that. But he has a problem. I said its not right for him because realistically guys that have girls don't go to the club just to stand you might as well just go to a bar which I don't mind I tell him its fine but no club anmd he says he won't because I'm just doing it to go to the club. And I SWEAR I'm not I just want to go with my girls because he doesn't really like going so we only go a couple times a year. ):

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    9 years ago

    If he knows you love and honor him he should not have a problem with you going to a club with your girl pals. I guess he is a little jealous other guys are going to want to get with you. In fact if things are getting serious now is the time to say "If I had an engagement ring on my finger perhaps guys would not take notice in me". Peace

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    9 years ago

    its okay if and ONLY IF you dance by yourself/with only your gfs and dont let any guy talk/dance with you/buy you drinks or like you just stand their by yourself (in which case you shouldnt even goto the club).

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    9 years ago

    it is up to you if you wanna let him control where you do and don't go.

    he should not be trying to do that cause you are not his wife but his girlfriend.

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