Going ice skating with this girl?

We are going ice skating together but she is also bringing two of her friends. How should I act towards her if I like her a lot. Also should I pay for all three of them or just her and I? Any other tips on what to do? Thanks


Also what should I wear if I want to look nice?

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    9 years ago
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    I went ice skating with my girfriend and I paid for her. If I was in your shoes I would bring extra money for her friends but dont pay for them unless they are unable to do so themselves. If you go ice skating make sure you get jeans and long socks because the ice skates will hurt your feet. DO NOT bring gloves for yourself but get gloves for your girlfriend in case her hands get cold and she doesnt have her own. Dont bring gloves for yourself so you could warm her hands up. In ice rink seperate from her friends and just skate with your girl. Hold her hand is a must in case she trips. Hold her hand tight and if she trips don't laugh, just say that it happens. Get her up using your hand and talk about something romantic. Do not show off but once a while speed up. Ocasionally ask her if her hands feel cold or if her legs hurt. Have good time man.

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