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How to ask a girl to be friends with benefits?

i was really close with this girl in the summer and we talked little after and now we arestarting it back up and i want to be her f.w.b. because we should've been in a relationship in the summer but now i dont want one but will take it after f.w.b. so how should i ask her to be mine cuz its kind of an awkward question.

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    Well, you have to be certain she's the kind of girl that's into that. A lot of girls are picky about who they have sex with and generally want to be in a relationship with that person. Don't ask over text or over the phone or anything. Just try to ask her casually as possible in person and hope for the best!

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    You will need to work out just what benefits SHE will receive. In other words, What is in it for her?

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