Tips to help my 1 year old sleep throughout the night?

My daughter is the worst sleeper ever. When she naps, they are either very short or very long. When it comes to bedtime, she wakes up constantly throughout the night. Every time she wakes up, her grandma feeds her, but she still wakes up a lot. She goes to bed the same time everyday, and has the same pre-bed routine. I don't know what to do so she becomes a good sleeper. Please help.

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  • 9 years ago
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    I am afraid some kids are fussier than others. My eldest nearly killed me - he slept so seldom. But I did learn to not bother putting him down until very late because he just became distressed and didn't sleep at all. Whereas if I waited until he was tired and then stayed with him until he was asleep - usually reading to him, he would sleep better, but then sleep in late. My next wanted to be put down at 8 p.m. and just left to relax on his own. He needed complete peace and quiet. The third hardly needed any sleep, but by a year old was happy to be left on her own, so long as she was on the floor! I just gave her a large, stiff pillow, made sure the room was completely child proof, and left her to it. If I tried to put her to bed she became completely hysterical and didn't stop sobbing for days, but if I left her to play on her own, when she was tired she just wrapped her 'blankie' over herself, lay down on the giant pillow (like a small mattress), and slept happily.

    If you are doing all the bedtime routine already, then I guess it is just finding what suits your child. At the same time accepting that some kids are more difficult than others. I also breastfed all of mine, which did make it much easier - no having to heat up bottles at night or anything like that.

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    9 years ago

    My son was a bad sleeper but that was around 7 months of age. Now he's 15 months and he sleeps thru the night. Are you still breastfeeding her? That can make it hard for u to build a good sleep habit. Maybe you should rethink about putting her to bed at a different time. I use to put my son down at 7 and now I put him down at eight. Do u give her warm milk before she falls asleep...that can help. Ultimately the only thing that worked for me was the letting them cry it out method. It was hard for two weeks but consistency is key. If she wakes up in the night u can check on her but don't touch her and tell her she needs to go back to sleep. Keep checking up on her every 5 to 10u minutes. Eventually she will realize she is not going to be picked up.

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