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Should i quit video games?

I love playing with my friends but it effects my grades. I dont have self control and im addicted. I already quit once then started playing again. Im 15 male.

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    You state that you are addicted - the jury is still out on whether or not this is actually a thing (the American Medical Association does not recognize video game addiction as any sort of ailment), and probably will be for the next decade, but I'm going to answer your question as though it is accepted fact that people can and are sometimes addicted to video games:

    If you need serious treatment for your addiction, there are sources available. I can't vouch for the credibility of the site but it claims to offer a hotline for treatment:

    If you have no self control, I think we can assume that any limits you set for yourself are going to get broken, right? If this is the case, I'd suggest that you quit, so that once the situation is under control and you have gained some semblance of self control, you can wean yourself back onto it (if you should so desire) in the proper environment and under the right circumstances. If you're going to do this, though, tell your parents and ask for their advice, they might just know how to handle this. In any case, they will keep you accountable - if they know you are actively trying to stop, and that you have this problem, they can help in keeping you off the games.

    Hope this helped. I sincerely hope you are not actually addicted (having had several family members suffer from serious alcoholism, I can tell you that addiction is no joke), but in the event you are I can only hope that you find some way to cure yourself.

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    Well you cant quit if you start lol how about you play 30 mins everyday then study and eat for the rest if the time

  • Stop playing for 30 minutes more than you usually do.Study half a hour more than you usually do.

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    just don't play online games they are the real addiction

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    If there isn't anything else to do, Well F#CK it, it's better than staring at a wall.

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    just make a certain time to stop that day or when you have to study

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    even if you "quit" you will come back again because your a pussy and you wouldnt be asking this in the first place

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    ...nobody likes a quitter

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