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How can I gain weight fast?

I only weight 135 pounds and am 19 years old and I lift 5 days a week. How can I gain some weight fast?

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    My first suggestion, is eat eat eat! I have a personal trainer for skiing and motocross and i workout 6 days a week and do crazy cardio everyday! Their tips for me is to load up on food, its important as your burning so much in your workout. So if your looking to gain weight, you have to put in almost 2x more calories than the average person. But make it good calories! As in whole wheat foods, like pasta! And try to keep a 60% carb, 20% fat and 20% protein diet, because carbs are THE MOST important for athletes as it fuels your muscles and will ultimately give you more energy. Another good thing is Cytomax! It an energy drink. I never used to believe in these things, but after trying this high carb drink, i am full of energy and power. Next, you can try HIIT training. Ive started this recently, and i am seeing great results as I'm not burning fat and muscle. Lastly, be sure to take rest days! this i when your muscles recover and build, making them bigger, adding mass = weight. Hope i helped! Good Luck!

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    •Eat energy dense (high calorie) foods, but stay away from saturated fats such as cheese, beef, butter and bacon.

    •Eat three large meals, plus two to three snacks per day.

    •Increase portion sizes.

    •Increase intake of high calorie beverages.

    •Perform strength-training exercises to increase muscle size.

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