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What was Jimmy Carter like as president?

Include information about how you think his style and personality helped and hurt him.

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    a complete unmitigated disaster. Is style and personality didn't matter a bit. he was a vindictive sort who liked to "get even" for whatever he perceived were personal insults. Pity he did nothing of the sort when the country in his care was insulted.

    He helped damage US allies and assisted US enemies for "moral reasons"- whatever they might be. Seems a strange philosophy but he still continues to preach it till this day

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    As a president he was terrible. He had no real leadership ability, and during times of crisis he appeared to vacillate and freeze. He talked of malaise when people wanted optimism. He talked about sinning in his heart when people wanted to know about how he was going to resolve the oil crisis. And he was being attacked by killer rabbits while fishing when hostages were being held. By the time he did authorize a military response, it was such an abject failure that it heaped further scorn on him and the United States. He is well suited as a do-gooder building houses for people but he lacked the leadership and skills that the job he held required. There is a good reason few people talk about his presidential career. nor has he enhanced his reputation by stepping in and making political statements, even visiting foreign nations, where he undermines the official administration position. This is a huge no no that prior presidents had taken care to avoid committing. Nor have the presidents since done so. While he might appeal to pious christians I find little to admire about the man.

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