toe nail fungus & hydrogen peroxide...?

I have been putting hydrogen peroxide on my toenail fungus for a month now, i see a little change. is my nail supposed to become hard and fall of w. the hydrogen? it was less hard before i started putting it. but the hydrogen made my toe nails whiter and more healthier than before

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  • 4 years ago

    Hydrogen Peroxide For Toenail Fungus

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    4 years ago

    Does Hydrogen Peroxide Kill Fungus

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Trim the affected part of the nail off. Yes, the nail will look odd and it will grow back. Apply hydrogen peroxide with a cotton ball, bending the skin back exposing the under surface of the nail or soak the toe in the morning and at night. This only takes a few minutes. As the nail grows, trim off the effected nail. Don't let fungus have a chance to grow under the nail so don't let weeks go by without trimming the nail. Regular use of topical hydrogen peroxide works, it is cheap and will save you a trip to the doctor - who will prescribe systemic anti-fungal drugs that may require blood tests to evaluate liver function. Athletes learn this technique in high school. If it truly doesn't work for you then see your doctor. Laser is very expensive and only 50% effective after 4 treatments. Hydrogen peroxide is quicker and less expensive.

  • Harald
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    9 years ago

    The Hydrogen Peroxide you are using is quite a powerful chemical. Used as a bleaching agent, (that is why your nail 'appears' to be better) it is also used as rocket fuel (it is a propellant). Dyeing old ladies hair and other things like that.

    It is not too good for your toenails or killing toenail fungus.

    The fungus grows and breeds within your nail, that is it is inside the folds of your nail, it grows, expands lifts your nail to make it look thicker and flakier and keeps on growing till it is killed.

    You see it lives on the protein from your nails (keratin)

    What you need is a nail file to file away the nail so that the fungus is exposed, then use a special nail fungus killer regularly, (daily) on the fungus till it is all killed off.

    Your nail will then grow back healthy, from the base. Gradually the ugly nail fungus will be forced to the tip of your nail and eventually you can cut it off. Then Voila, healthy nails.

    The quickest way is to use laser treatment to kill the fungus.

    There is a video on this web page tells you all about it.

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