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Why is it a crime to hate women yet fashionable to hate men?

If a woman says she hates men feminists will be like "you go girl!". Yet if a man was even suspected of hating women then feminists would be throwing all kinds of abuse at him.

Is this what feminists call "equality"? It's "equality" and acceptable to hate half the population as long as it's the male half?

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    The very same reason that a man is considered "shallow scum" if he says that he is against dating or marrying fat women.

    Yet it is completely okay for a woman to say that she would never date a fat, bald guy. Or a short guy.

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    You are correct - it is not only fashionable to hate men, it is compulsory. Even some males hate men. This is because of the insidious evil work of the Feminists. "Equality", when a Feminists says it, means what everyone else calls Special Privilege.

    The problem is that we are all so used to it, that anyone who raises their voice against it is considered "bad" or "has a problem".

    This is very similar to the way that Stalin operated. If there was a problem with Communism, it wasn't because Communism was / is a failed insane philosophy, it was because horrible Capitalists (who hadn't existed for decades in the Soviet Union) were not allowing the full program of glorious Communism (pardon the sarcasm) to operate and allow the full scope of horrors, I mean - ahhh - full breadth of Communist programs to give the immanent dialectic to the freedom loving workers of the Soviet Union.

    So, too with Feminism. No matter how bad the inter-gender relations get (and let's face it, relations between the genders have never been worse), it's not because the Feminists are the problem, Oh, NO. According to the Feminists, it's because men are still resisting and not allowing the full scope of cleverly orchestrated hate to flow from the mentally ill hate-movement known as Feminism to fully transform Society into Feminist Heaven.

    Given the results so far, it's fair to say that Feminist Heaven equals everyone else's version of Hell.

    This is because - as the ever excellent Warren Farrell points out - Feminism is to gender politics what the Communist Party was the the Soviet Union: a one-party system and no dissent allowed. Asking the Feminists to asses their own failures is like asking the Wall St banks to point out where they have broken the law. It's not only unlikely to produce accurate results, it's going to make for an even bigger cover-up.

    Asking the Feminists to please be considerate of men (stop LAUGHING, fellas, I know it's not going to happen, I'm using it as an example of an impossibility) would be merely seen as proof to the Feminists that their work is achieving it's aims and that extra effort put in now will give them the triumph they so obviously want.

    For the Feminists, it is no hypocrisy to push their hypocrisy of "equality = Special Privilege for females" - because they have no introspection. And none is allowed. No deviation for the Gospel Of Hatred is allowed, and none tolerated. Look up Erin Pizzey, the founder of the Women's Refuges and her utter dismay at the Feminists for turning her work into shelters for violent men-haters.

    She says so herself. Read the stuff below, you'll enjoy most of it.

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    Thats the whole point of cultural Marxism - aka political correctness

    It poses as anti-sexist (anti-racist etc) but that is a lie. It is completely sexist.

    Feminism does not mean woman=good man=good. It means woman=good man=bad, it's total prejudice and the plan behind it is genocide and global domination

    It annoys me that so many people have fallen for it. Supposedly good people go along with a completely evil ideology. It acts like a psychological virus infecting the minds of the masses. Especially the middle classes even though they are one of the main intended victims.

    Class Marxism killed 200 million people - so how many will it be this time?

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    "There are 3 billion+ adult men interior the international and to hate all of them and label all of them as pigs/rapists/abusers merely because of the fact a small share of them are is unjust. each and every physique is distinct and somebody, yet feminists fail to work out this." ^ for somebody who's bashing generalizations that come from different persons, you do no longer look taking care to no longer generalize your self (i.e. "...yet feminists fail to work out this."). That fact appeared to be a remark on all feminists in the international by way of its low specificity. the place are the information that teach that basically a small area of adult men, or all human beings for that remember, interior the entire international are abusive in some demeaning way in direction of different human beings? what quantity of adult men precisely are abusive? females? besides, given the present international human inhabitants, it is secure to declare that there are a number of tousled, illogical human beings interior the international (with double standards, selfish agendas, and so on...). Likewise, there are a number of logical and good persons around the globe. regrettably, in my adventure, it is the forged those that are hushed, overwhelmed, and burned. I basically dislike people who truthfully are abusive and/or criminal. As for no remember if or no longer the double usual you defined is ridiculous, i might agree that it is.

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    Because marketing & characters on TV make humor out of it. And most of society is highly influenced by what they have flashed @ them constantly!

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    There are double standards for both sexes. A man with tons of sex partners us considered cool but a woman is looked down upon and shamed.

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    when men dislike women, they just dislike how stupid they are or whatever but still want to have sex with them, where as when women hate men its because they are lesbians

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    give it a few more years soon gay will be a fashion trend.

    i hear guys actually do manicures i dont think im wrong on this

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