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What causes a guy to become nasty, bad?

What causes a guy, and I'm not saying all guys but what causes a guy to look at women like sex objects, use them as nothing? I just wanted to know what makes a guy lack respect for women? This guy I know.. has porn stars in his facebook page, my brother said he's a "pig", my mother say's he's nasty and a bad person for doing that. He also likes a challenge of going after the girls who are weak or un attainable and likes to wreck people's relationships and provoke fights and turn people against each other.

I'm just wondering what makes a guy look at women like objects, use them? Because he did the V thing with his mouth for getting my attention and that is not how to get a girl. He comes off arrogant, rude. But he's a lso dumb, isn't very smart. He's self- centered, thinks I want him which makes him vain. He's also an attention seeker which I can't stand! I'm not easy, now he's all resentful about it. He manipulates women into getting what he wants, he also sleeps around. I think I embarassed him from not giving in like majority of females who spread their legs to be liked.

But what makes a guy lose respect for a women, to disregard the ones who are kind and don't put out easy? What makes guys become bad?


I wonder if this saying is true! If the guy doesn't treat his mother or any women figure in his life, right. Then he's more prone to treating women and disrespecting them like dirt. Or they could be gay, in the closet about it.

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    A lot of it has to do with how they were raised when growing up.

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    The Medulla Oblangata.

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    Hormones and lack of self control

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    too many drinks

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