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Shes a really good friend who I kind of like secretly, and now she likes another guy, should I confess?

We met about 6 months ago and have become really close. I used to think she liked me but last week she started telling me about this guy who she likes and that they've gone on two dates. Im not going to say that I reaaaallly like her, but I definitely like her as more than a friend and would date her if she liked me back. Should I just let it be and let her have a shot with a guy who actually might love her, or confess before its too late. If I do confess, how should I do it (as much detail as possible please). Im 18 btw. Thank you

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    confess before its to late just be like her name and say am starting to like you more then a friend and i wanted to let you know whats happening

  • Confess before it's too late which it actually kind might me

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