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How can someone throw up?

Don't worry its a project for school. I just have to figure out ways people with Bulemia force themselves to throw up other than toothbrushes and fingers. Thanks!

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    Back in "the day", every household had a bottle of Ipecac Syrup in the medicine cabinet. It was mostly there "just in case" a child swallowed some type of poison around the home and the doctor recommended that they be made sick to their stomach to "expel" the poison. I don't even think drug stores keep it on the shelves any longer. It's behind the counter if it's available at all. This is done because of some people having a problem with Bulimia.

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    Some use yellow mustard on a spoon. Stick the spoon as far back in the mouth as possible and swallow the mustard. Sometime it works and some times it does not.

    Ipecac is an over-the-counter medicine used to induce emesis (fancy way of saying vomiting).

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    Drink a V8 Vegetable only juice While Biting an Onion And Smelling a Broken Egg .. Oh an Almost forgot Staring at your dogs Watery ****

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    Rock salt. Eat 2 tbs and then wait 30minutes and everything will come up.

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    Eat a large amount of food in a small amount of time.

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    Mustard and milk

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    Eat what you threw up.

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