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Are some people meant to be alone?

it seem like no matter what i do, i just don't seem to be the type of person that is able to form close personal relationships. I just have a hard time relating to people, most people get on my nerves and irk the **** out of me, i always end up alone.


I understand all of your points but their are even times where i wonder if i have a personality disorder, some of the descriptions seem to fit me

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    I'm the same, with the exception of a few people I know. I don't know about "meant to be", but just feel that it's not only part of my nature (for instance, I learn things better in solitude than in a group), and my preference. I enjoy being alone for long periods. Nothing wrong with that! Just accept it and don't let people tell you it's "abnormal" or weird.

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    No, everybody needs love in their life or they ain't really living .. but the most important love is the one you give . Also, try to remember that you can't love anybody else until you love yourself, so do you really? Look deep within and find the answer to that, if you don't then that could be where your problem comes from. Try to stay calm around people& just lighten up& enjoy yourself. Lifes too short to just exist, try actually living because its a great feeling. Good luck:)

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    Yes, you and me are quite alike. Were superior to all these morons. >.> Everyones into rap, whil'st im into screamo. Everyones into going places wit chaps, im into being alone. Its okay to be alone o.o

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