Palestinian and Israeli conflict over holy land?

Ive always wondered why there is so much fighting between Palestine and Israel. Why do the Palestinians believe their right and why do the Israelis believe their right? thanks

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    Technically, all people born in "British Palestine" prior to 1948 are Palestinian and that includes Jews, Christians Arabs as well as Muslim Arabs. Anyone born in Israel after it become a country are Israeli no matter whether they are Jew, Christian Arab or Muslim Arab.

    All Muslim and Christian Arabs born outside of Israel are NOT "Palestinian" but should be referred to by the country of birth. BUT, the governments of the other Arab nations do not wish to allow that because it gives them a reason to fight against Israel.


    One needs to look at 20th Century history to answer your question more accurately

    Many Jews fled Europe towards the end of the 19th Century onwards and this was the time of the Zionist movement where Jews were buying derelict land (swamp area or barren areas) from the sheiks (some Turkish and some Arab) in the Palestinian area of the Ottoman Empire (after 1918 British Palestine). The Jews worked the land and made it prosper and this surprised the local Arabs and caused some discontent.

    During WW-1 the British promised land to both the Arabs for a nation and they also promised land to the Jews. The British tried to renege on their promises.

    When the Nazis gained control of Germany more Jews started to flee to British Palestine in greater numbers. The Nazi government approached the "Grand Mufti of Jerusalem" (in 1934-35) and gave him money to preach against the Jews and cause anger at them. This is when the violence really started.

    Following WW-2 many more Jews fled to British Palestine or were brought by the "Palmach" (Jewish underground movement) and although the British attempted to stop the migration, it occurred. At the same time, after WW-2, the Jews petitioned the British and later the United Nations for a separate nation. The British did not want to surrender their mandated territory and the Jews fought the British (both the Palmach and the Stern Gang were classified as terrorist organizations although the Stern Gang were the most violent -- i.e. the bombing of the King David Hotel).

    The British were trying to fight the Jews while attempting to stop the violence between Muslim Arab and the Jews. They had a hard time. Some British soldiers were pro-Arab while others were pro-Jew and some did not even care and were against both. Britain asked the UN to vote on the question of statehood, and in 1948 the UN did so and gave some land to the Jews with most of the British mandated Palestine going to the Muslim Arabs.

    When Israel was finally created, the surrounding Arab nations attacked the new Israel to eliminate the Jews. The Arab radios told the Arab inhabitants "to flee their homes and when we take the land, you can return and take the Jewish property". The Jewish radio tried to tell the Arabs to stay and be part of Israel but most Arabs fled. The trouble was that the Jews won the war and although they asked many of the Arabs to return, the Arabs did not or were forced to remain behind in Lebanon or Jordan etc by the local Arab governments. This hives the Arab nations a reason to continue the fight against the Jews in Israel.

    Because of the constant fighting since 1948 many of the Israeli people have become "hard-lined" and no longer are willing to allow Arabs to live in Israel. Others are trying for a peaceful settlement but few wish to concede any more land.

    Source(s): A former TV news cameraman and journalist with over 30 years in the industry in Australia and Southeast Asia. Currently a SE Asian historian.
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    The Arabs (Palestinians) want the land because the Jews have it as given by international decree.

    Israel is the legal owner of the land.

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