Why do you not like gay people?

This question is for all of the people who are against gay marriage etc.

I believe that gays are just the same as us, They do the same things, they do nothing wrong in this world, They provide A LOT of love in this world because they are funny, loyal and very loving, I mean why would you want to ban some thing that has done nothing? They don't choose to be gay, They grow up gay, I was reading a magazine the other day, This girl was unhappy as a child and was a tomboy, Later on in the article when she learned everything she found out that she was unhappy because she was gay (or lesbian which ever you prefer to call it). My mum has a few gay friends and they won't say boo to a ghost or hurt a fly, They are the most sweetest people i know.

From Danielle, 13.

(PS : Don't comment on my age, I just want to know what i asked, thanks in advance.)


Why reef?

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    I agree hun, people should just except us for who we are, gay or straight.

  • 9 years ago

    Homophobic people don't like gay people because they were taught to be intolerant by their parents, their peers and their elders. We still live in a mostly homophobic society (although it's slowly getting better) and many people find support (or don't actively get shouted down) when they say homophobic things. They learn that it's acceptable, right and okay to be homophobic. It doesn't help that misguided people who claim to be Christian teach homophobia in Church : (

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I don't not like gay people.

    I don't not like them because I like them. It's a trick answer, a double negative in language is the same as in math, it's a positive.

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