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On skype, is it possible to remove a skype message from a conversation?

My friend and i have been typing to each other al day and while we were video calling, we invited this guy to be on our video call, little did we know he would be able to see EVERYTHING we had been typing earlier to each other...hes not currently at his computer, and I NEED a way to remove or edit messages that have already been sent since like 4 hours ago... is there anyway to do this??? PLEASE HELP!! as quickly as possible(:

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    9 years ago
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    Lol this happened to me before. Sorry, you can't delete messages but u can wait a day and it'll go into a tab and hopefully he wont notice it.

  • Crack
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    9 years ago

    Actually I believe when you invite a 3rd party into the conversation, they only see whats been said since the second they join, they shouldn't be able to see anything before that moment.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Well, you could type lots of random stuff so he hopefully won't notice it, or you could try closing the whole conversation, but I'm not sure if that would close it for him also. You could try to hack his account and delete his history? :P

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