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How should I star to tackle with these OBD code in my Honda 2000 odissey.?

Here are the codes:0122-

P0420 - p1456

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    p 1456 - Check that the fuel cap is securely seated, and there are no fuel smells from under

    the fuel filler neck ( especially after filling up )..

    This could be leading to the PO 420 problem.

    Try starting with this.

    Good Luck..

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    PO122-TP/APP SENSOR OR SWITCH LOW INPUT PO420-CATALYTIC CONVERTER SYSTEM BANK 1-EFFICIENCY BELOW THRESHOLD P1456-MFGR SPICIFIC CODE. What I would do is frist replace the TPS then test again. Im sure that the cat is bad on the L/S and going to have to be replaced.

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