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What do you say to a elderly woman who fears aging r?

My mom is 80 years old and absolutely hates life. She is in great health, travels, and has a wonderful spirit, but is having a hard time with the aches, pains, and everything else that comes with age. Any response would be greatly appreciated.

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    In my opinion she is not looking to you for a solution. If I were you I would just give her support and give her whatever help you can. Also be sympathetic for her troubles.

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    If she is in good health, travels and has a wonderful spirit, I don't think she hates life. More likely she is afraid that those nagging aches and pains will get worse and she fears what the future may hold. I'm only 68 and it continues to astonish me that every day some new pain seems to pop up. Just support her and try to emphasize the positive things she has, for she certainly has many.

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    There is a book Better to be Over the Hill than Under it I got somewhere. Then noticed Hallmark has a whole line of Over the Hill things. Looks like they think humor is a response.

    An adequate response is really difficult as she does have the right to her true feelings. She needs to get some pain killers from a doctor; that helped my crabby attitude. Mainly I would say reassure her often that you will be there for her no matter what the future holds for her. And you will help see her through it all.

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    I see you just joined Answers today.

    I'd say don't go the shame route, the "should" route. I know aches and pains, and loss of nimbleness in thinking and remembering, greatly affects your energy level. It tires you, and can easily depress you, since it's now routine. If she is at all interested in being useful to those less fortunate, see if you can come up with an idea to volunteer together, get her mind off herself.

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  • 9 years ago

    If she's 80 and in great health, travels and has a wonderful spirit...I'd say that hardly constitutes fear of aging...sounds to me like she's embracing it fully...with both hands, I might add.

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