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Are high school relationships better than college relationships?

I keep hearing that in college the relationships mean more and are "better", but I don't understand that. I have never had a girlfriend, and I'm a senior in high school. I feel like high school relationships would feel more closer and better because you usually have known that person for a while. But in college, all the people are new and I would think it would be much harder to have a closer relationship since you don't really know the people there. Does this make sense? Is this true??

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    I think that in High School you are with people you have known for most of your life so it is hard to break that 'since kids friendship bond'. I got my first boyfriend in high school, but he didn't go to my high school. he was new to me. In college you are in class with people who have common interests. When you are placed in a room everyday with people who are going for the same percise thing that you are it makes it easier to fall for them. you gain a more responsible relationship with them due to progress you both are looking for in class. So in the end high school is a good place to test your dating skills out I guess, but college is the time for you to really see what you want in a partner, and in life. Your challenge is to fit those two things into your life. Good Luck!

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