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Does this mean I'm not ready to make decisions yet?

Most girls my age (18) have their life all figured out and I don't know if I want to have a big career that takes me around the world or stay in one place and have kids. I want to elope but I also want a HUGE wedding with everyone there. My friends say there is something wrong with me but I think it's just that I shouldn't make any big decisions yet... opinions? Is this normal?

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    Having it all figured out is an ILLUSION that you(or maybe not you but your freinds) are buying into. Anyone who thinks they have the perfect plan for life will see life turn that plan upside down on it's head. Have an idea of where you want to go and what you want to do. And then let this crazy and oftentimes chaotic life shape and mold those desires. Keeping your goals in mind while being flexible is the best approach.

    Life is what you do while you're waiting for your ship to come in.

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    No, you should wait until you realize that you need (not want, need) to choose or you can figure the way to mix both futures.

    Maybe tomorrow you will see that you really want to be the best in your career and because that you wont have children now. I dont take any desicion until I see that I NEED to do so, I may think after that I was wrong, but when I maked my desicion I've always taked the best choice (only considering what I knew in that moment).

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    Normal, yes. Life is uncertainty for those who never stop thinking and feeling.

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