I have 2 routers and i need to host an online game?

I'm currently trying to figure out if I can host an online game on my network. My wife works from home and has a special router she has to have for work setup with a special work computer. Currently we have our pcs connected to a router setup as a switch (which we needed cause her work router only has 2 ports). What I want to know if theres a way I can use the 2 routers to create seperate subnets, so I can put my home pcs on my router, and set the port forwarding the way it needs to be setup. I only have 1 public IP is it possible for me to get a switch and just setup the 2 routers with different IP schemes or would I need additional ips from my ISP for that. I cannot access any settings in her work router in any way all I can do is use it's current ip scheme and ensure that mine is different.

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  • Adrian
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    9 years ago
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    Sounds a bit confusing. First, your wife's "special" router does not make a lot of sense... A router is a router, period...

    Since you only have one public IP, you have to use that, and that only. You can have two routers either sharing that IP, of daisy-chaining to separate subnets, but still using the one public IP address.

    Set up your home network to use your own public IP address, and let the wife's router (and their IT dept.) figure out the rest.... Unless the "company" is paying for your internet service, you are entitled to use your router first, and let the "company' do what they can to accommodate your wife's work (and they should be able to..)

    There is no way a "company" router should take control of your home network (unless they are paying for it...)

    If they are indeed paying for your internet service, not much you can do, since their router is at the front, and you cannot access any port forwarding settings or other network settings...

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