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Hey you evolutioners, show me proof?

I know you always ask proof for god so why not for evolutions? Can you prove it? Prove it to me? I have proof of creationism because in the bible there's no mention of evolution and it says God made them all, now you show me proof.

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    can you read w hole book to see if there is "proof"

    The Case of the Midwide Toad by Arthur Koestler

    shows how scientific documentation of evolution of tree frogs was charted, documented, and SURPRESSED by the Western science community because the science was from the USSR.

    But the science was replicated in the UK as well. There is not any doubt about the science.

    Through modifications in environment, they were able to produce a variant of tree frog with an extra toe in order to survive. Then by further changing the environment evolution produced a claw on the toe. When the change was no longer needed it receded in the genetic code, when it was needed it became a dominant trait in just a few generations.

    Again, you may have to read a book to learn the whole story. Are you open minded enough to do that?

  • ?
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    9 years ago

    So your proof is the Bible. Imagine that a book of words and no practicality. Hmmm...

    Giving you proof would actually require educating you. This is something you can do yourself by going to You Tube and looking up. Richard Dawkins and take your time in viewing all of his videos, this would be a big start and hopefully you can handle the embarrassment from your prior accusations against evolution. Faith in mythology is nothing less than a mind altering indoctrination that others have done to you.

  • Mia
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    "evolutioners"? "I have proof of creationism because in the bible there's no mention of evolution." You can't be serious with this, I hope. At any rate, the evidence for evolution fills textbooks so I couldn't provide it all here. I will reference a site that presents 29+ lines of evidence. I post a few highlights of the evidence as well.

    "Chromosome fusion - Gene fusion or chromosome fusion is when two chromosomes are spliced together. As an example, chimpanzees have one more chromosome than humans do. If the two species share a common ancestor, scientists should be able to figure out what happened to that chromosome. Researchers have found that chromosome 2 in humans is actually the fusion of two separate chimpanzee chromosomes. At the end of each chromosome is a marker called a telomere, which usually appears only on the ends. In human chromosome 2 it also appears in the center, marking where the two ends fused."

    "Pseudogenes - Shared errors are a powerful argument for a common source. If two books describe the same concept in similar language, it's possible they just both converged on the same wording. However, if they both share the same grammar or spelling errors it becomes improbable to assume that they did not derive from a common source. There are genes that no longer code for a protein due to a mutation or error. Species often share the same pseudogene with the same inactivating mutation. A famous example of this is the L-gulonolactone oxidase that synthesizes vitamin C. All simians including humans share one pseudogene of inactivated L-gulonolactone oxidase, but the guinea pig has a different pseudogene indicating a different mutation."

    "Endogenous retroviral insertions - Ancient retroviruses inserted inactivated viral genes into genomes. For a retrovirus to be inherited in all members of a species, a series of highly improbable events must occur. The virus must insert into a gamete cell and it must mutate so it is inactive. That gamete cell must be used to make an embryo that lives to reproduce and whose genome fixates into the population at random location in the genome. This rare event is usually species specific."

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    I don't need to show you proof. You need to open your eyes. I do research everyday with evolution. I am getting my PHD in microbiology and I have to mutate and use microbes to solve the problems of the world. Its fun to solve the worlds largest problems using the worlds smallest tools. If you understand what a mitochondrion is you will realize there is proof of evolution in everyone of your cells (besides red blood cells). A mitochondrion is a bacteria closely related to the Rickettsia family. It is necessary for eukaryotic cells to sustain life. When we look at all of the DNA in our mitochondria it helps us realize that we had a common female mother some 60,000 years ago or more in Africa with black skin.

    The beauty of science is that you can do it yourself. Scrape some cells off your arm, do PCR, and analyses the DNA yourself.

    It's up to you to disprove the hundreds of thousands of journal articles published that give strong evidence of evolution. Believe me, if you found clear evidence I would be the first to be interested. I was a life long Christian until I really looked at the evidence of evolution and realized that it contradicted almost every aspect of my faith. I still believe in God despite disowning my religion though, but now I can accept God and general observations about the world. Just like evolution as a bit of evidence that contradicts religious dogma, the Earth is not the center of the Universe. Darwin is to us as Galileo was to the early Christians.

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    The proof is in every chemical make up of our bodies, in the bones of the fish you ate, in the bones of fish of the past. The proof is in the fact that you can even conceive the idea of religion. The proof is in the fact that Blue-jays is California look different from Blue-jays in Tennessee, the fact that you can breed a Bull Dog with another breed and in a few generations it becomes something totally new. Evolution is a fact of nature, it happens every second of every day, deal with it.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Since you like trains you're in luck! The proof for evolution is contained in the direct center of every train track in this country. If you go hang out there for a while you'll find the proof.

  • 9 years ago

    >I know you always ask proof for god

    No. I merely ask for substantial evidence.

    >I have proof of creationism because in the bible there's no mention of evolution and it says God made them all

    This only works once you have established the infallibility of the Bible as a source for such information. I haven't seen you do that yet.

  • 9 years ago

    "evolutioners"? Given your criteria for proof, I doubt you could follow our reasoning. Also, does this mean you do not believe the earth circles the sun, or that the sun is one star in one galaxy among many? What about plate tectonics? There are a lot of things not mentioned in the Bible. On that basis you shouldn't be using a computer, as its not biblical either.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    "I have proof of creationism because in the bible there's no mention of evolution and it says God made them all"

    That tells me that you are a troll or a moron, neither one of which is worth spending any time arguing with.

  • lbfr
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    Ok go look at some fossils of Australipethicus, Homo Habilis, and Homo Erectus. Proof enough? Or do we actually have to take you back in time to show you Evolution is fact?

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