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Am I bi or what?!!!???!?

So back in January I started seeing girls in diffenrt ways then I used to and then my best friend told me she's bi so I told her I was to and that I liked her and so we became fwbs and made out and stuff then in July and started dating a girl in my neighborhood and we started making out and stuff and then I stopped looking at girls the way I used to and went straight then in august we went camping and me and that girl madeout again when I thought I wasn't bi and we did that in semptember to but I didn't feel bi and last night we madeout again andare dating and I do like her and I think I'm bi now but I don't know so what do you think I am? Also I do like guys too haha

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    Why do you feel the need to label yourself. Others will do that for you and they probably won't be very nice about it. Love who you love and be yourself. It may be that you like girls and boys or you may be experimenting and later find that you are not into girls anymore at all. I suspect that most people who feel the need to give themselves the bisexual label are really only following the current trend of television and society where it is "hip" to swing both ways. I don't know you personally so how could I or anyone else define your sexuality for you?

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    There's nothing wrong with being straight or lesbian or bi. Many women dont know what they are until their older. Give it time and I'm sure things will resolve for you.

    I think you may be bi. You may also be pressured by these girls.

    You sound very unsure...

    Hope this helped and things work out!


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    Sexuality is fluid, so it's whatever you make it. Do you really have to give yourself a label? Just do what you want. When you're in love with someone someday, your orientation should matter very little. It's just how they make you feel that matters the most.

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    bi is if you like girls and straight but my bff is bi so im used to it.

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    Thank you for sharing.

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    look at it like this....with your name.....your free to go either way...sounds like you need to steer cle=ar of Operating/vehicles/farm equipment.....

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