How was Neil Armstrong chosen to be on the moon?

If you know, when was he chosen?

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    9 years ago
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    He was the successful candidate of a highly competitive selection process. He found out that he was selected for the Astronaut Corps on September 13, 1962.

    He may have been selected to be the first astronaut to walk on the Moon because he was a civilian. This happened during the height of the Vietnam War when the military was unpopular.

  • I think both of the first two responses have pretty much answered your question. Another source would be to go to the official NASA site ( and see how astronauts are recruited and selected.

    Neil was a noted test pilot before being selected as an astronaut. (Many of the early astronauts were test pilots earlier in their careers.)

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    9 years ago

    In the simplest terms I can think of, he was the ****. You should read up on his Gemini mission, it set him apart as someone who could handle himself in a crisis. That the kind of person you want to land on the moon for the first time in history.

    He was Gemini 3 I think.

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