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Help Me Loose Weight? [ read ]?

So. Before you can continue to answer..

I need to tell you about my weight and height.

I am 13 years old. I weigh about 132.2 pds. I am 5'2.

And I know I'm about to become an over weight person.

So, I really want my old weight back.. [ about 108 pds ]

A little help? On what to eat? maximum calories eat per day?

and how many hours do i need to exercise?

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    You should start cutting the junk food and sugary drinks out of your everyday diet and eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Drinking lots of water is very important! It flushes out some of the fat you consume and also makes you feel fuller so you won't overeat. As for exercise, you don't have to go crazy and exercise for multiple hours everyday. You should probably exercise 60 min everyday and even as little as 30min would be good. And of course you can increase or decrease the time according to your body. Good Luck!

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    1500 calories a day

    Lots of water, whole grains, fiber and protein. (plus fruits and veggies obviously)

    Taking multi-vitamins helps.

    30-1hr of exercise a day 5-6 days a week.

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    I would say take a few days a week out of your busy schedule and go for a run.

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    Excersize and Diet

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