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My stomach really hurts?

My stomach has been hurting really bad lately. At first I thought it was just PMS cramps, but it feels really strange, not like cramps. It's a strip under my bellybutton between the underwear line; that's what hurts. It's a tight pain and kind of sharp/twisted. When I sit up or bend over it hurts really, really bad. I'm not sure what's wrong. Please help! Thanks in advance


I'm not on birth control, and I'm not sexually active or anything like that. I'm usually regular with my mensturation cycle, and should start in about a week, which is why I assumed it was cramps, but I've had cramps before and it's never felt like this. Nothing is protruding, no bruising, or anything like that. I did somersaults in cheer practice 2 days ago, but I didn't think that would do anything. It does hurt to apply pressure. I've tried to burp (I've had some Sprite) but the pain is still there.

Thanks so much for all your help!

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    Hello there!

    A lot of lower tummy trouble is caused by trapped wind. Kidney stones defiantly doesn't sound right otherwise you'd be rolling on the floor crying in pain. If you can burp on demand, give it a shot. If not, relax and if the problem persists for more than another 5 days, go and see your local GP

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    It still could be cramps, but I need more information.

    Is it that time of the month? are you normally regular? are you sexually active currently, and have there been any mishaps that may result in you being pregnant? Do you have a fever, chills, or any other symptoms? When you push on it and it hurts, does it hurt when you push in, or when you let go? Have you had any other odd discharge coming from your vagina? are you on birth control, if so, how long? have you done any lifting or twisting recently? is there anything protruding from the abdominal wall.

    It probably still is cramps, it would usually be more one sided if it were an ectopic pregnancy, or something like appendicitis. It could still be an infection or STD. If you have no fever, chills, random sweats, it probably isnt. It may be a pulled muscle, if youve done recent activity. If there is nothing showing through the wall, bulges or anything it probably isnt a hernia.

    Its most likely just cramps, tylenol, warm wash cloth, the usual treatment. See a doctor if conditions persist or worsen.

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