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Does this mean I'm not ready to make decisions yet?

Most girls my age (18) have their life all figured out and I don't know if I want to have a big career that takes me around the world or stay in one place and have kids. I want to elope but I also want a HUGE wedding with everyone there. My friends say there is something wrong with me but I think it's just that I shouldn't make any big decisions yet... opinions? Is this normal?

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    Kayla, you're still a child. Live some of life before you try to get it all nailed down. Life will tell you when you're ready. You just have to listen. When we make all our decisions too young, we make 'childish' decisions. When we wait until we grow up some, we make 'adult' decisions. Get it?

    As far as 'weddings' go, wouldn't you rather have a marriage...and not just a wedding? Wouldn't you rather go where your heart tells you you need to go instead of wandering around aimlessly? Wouldn't you want to wait until love and devotion tells you it's time to have a child? Life will come to you in its own good time. Good Luck and God Bless You. Enjoy your youth until you must put it behind you.

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