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Why wont he talk to me?

im dating my best friends boyfriends best friend. ive dated him before, and we had sex last night in his best friends lil brothers bed. i went to church this morning and his sister was p*ssing me off. she kept yelling at me because she stole a shirt from my house. it was mine because I got it from my aunt and she spilled paint on it. plus I cant find myne and it looked like it was really old. and she said her grandma bought them for her. she stole from my house about a month her moms calling me an sshole and everytime I try to call my bf he either sends me to voicemail or he asks me what I want andvi ask why hes mad and he hangs up

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    hi best friends boyfriends bestfriends girl friend.

    he may have just used for sex or he may feel awkward. he could also feel embarressed about the whole shirt thing with his sister. i dont really know what hes thinking and nobody but h im does but i can help you. dont talk to him. let him tlak to u it may worry u alot but he needs his space hes human and if he doesnt want to tlak to u its not ur loss hes not worth every thing happends for a reason just remember texting and calling makes it worse.

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