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What do you think of Brazilian culture?

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    Colourful.. a rainbow of colors.

    I have never been to Brazil but from what I have learned, heard, seen on TV and the movies, Brazil has always fascinated me. To me Brazil is Colour.. and I would love to bathe in the brilliant colours of such a beautiful country, people and culture.

    My 9th grade Geography teacher, a very elderly lady at that time, who never married, loved Brazil of all the countries she travelled to....(she was a world traveller). She always used to say that the most Beautiful city in the world was Rio di Janiero... I guess her words have remained with me, after all these years, most be 40 years now.

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    Dining is they serve huge amounts of meat, rice, beans etc.

    All zesty, look for any Brazilian dining sites in your area.

    Best ever meals I had.

    Try Mojitoes best drink local.

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    9 years ago

    Wonderful. I love it.

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