what does my birth chart say about my personality :)?

Rising Sign is in 10 Degrees Virgo

Sun is in 11 Degrees Leo.

Moon is in 18 Degrees Libra.

Mercury is in 10 Degrees Leo.

Venus is in 25 Degrees Leo.

Mars is in 05 Degrees Gemini.

Jupiter is in 15 Degrees Virgo.

Saturn is in 15 Degrees Aquarius.

i didnt feel like reading the whole thing lol what does this all day about me? :)

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    Can't give all details in short time

    You Have Strong Sun (own sign Leo) in 12th house

    Sun : It symbolizes vitality and energy. When Sun occupies the 12th house it gives the native a desire to conserve his vitality and energy and so he does not like to spend these. He likes to shut himself away from his friends and family and likes to live the life of a recluse or go far away in exile and stay with strangers. Sun is for the father / government also, hence the native is likely to have conflicts / separation with his father/ government

    Moon Signs of Libra:

    Your life is best illuminated when you keep things simple. You see tremendous beauty in the simplest elements, and seek to keep purity and clarity in place in all your dealings. Just because you have a need for simplicity doesn't mean you're life is uncomplicated. A moon in Libra is always looking for a yin to your yang (or vice versa). Meaning, you're always seeking a complimentary balance to your energy - particularly in partnerships. You love a challenge, and you work very hard to balance the equation by finding solutions. This means you often attract partnerships with people who have some glaring flaws (because you know you can tip the balance and sort them out). You have incredible style too. The arts, fashion and literary excellence lures every inch of your inherent creativity and electrifies you

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