sexy truth or dare situation?

Recently this girl and I who go to the same college have been talking, and I really really like her, and she told me that she likes me too, in the same kind of way. So a couple weeks ago, we both went to this party because we thought it would be fun. it was fun for a little bit, and people were getting kinda drunk, and some girl started talking about this "sexy truth or dare" app she got on her phone. so then everybody started playing it and it got pretty wild, but i was really unhappy with the way it turned out.

The app has you plug in the peoples names, so it tells certian people to do things to a specific person. It had alot of guys grabbing my girl's boobs. And she was liking it. When she would pick truth, it asked her who in the group she would want to have a threesome with. She picked two guys that weren't me. But most of the time she picked dare. at first it was making her make out with guys, then she was getting things like having to give guys lapdances in her underwear. then it got dirtier as we went on and she had to give one guy head, and let another guy suck on her boob. then she had to 69 a guy, and a couple guys got to eat her out.

I really hated watching all this, partly because i didnt get to do anything with her (bad luck i guess). but then it got worse

the game then dared her to have sex with this guy Luke, and she did. when they were done and she came back, the next dare was for a guy to have sex with a girl of his choice. he picked my girl. and she had sex with him too. she ended up having sex with 8 guys, which was all but 3 of them, including me. i only got to touch some girls boobs and make out with only 2 girls. I was one of 4 people who didnt get to have sex at the party. It was definatly the worst day of my life. i felt so embarrased i wanted to cry. we used to see eachother all the time and talk all the time but since the party she almost never texts me back and ive only seen her once since then. i know she had sex with that luke guy again at least once since the party and maybe another guy from the party but she said that its nothing. i asked her if she still likes me and she said 'sure'

i really dont know what to do. i like her so so so so much and shes so beautiful and i know you guys may think she's slutty and trashy but she's not really like that. what can i do to get her to know she likes me again?

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  • jam
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    9 years ago
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    WHAT THE ****!!!!! SERIOUSSLLYY DUDE ok if this is serious and you do sound underage then somebody needs to call either Dateline or the authorities because this is statutory rape ...secondly ok wow i can't even go on to my second point...what kind of party is thissss???????????? I used to go to parties where we would drink punch and truth would be asking who is your crush and dare would be to prank call someone !!! this is ...omg...ok out.

  • 9 years ago

    Ok well it's not my place to call anyone slutty or trashy. I do however feel like she is not someone that you prolly wanna spend time on. For one, how do you know that she didn't get something from those guys? And you say that she isnt really like that but what exactly constitutes that? If you feel that she is what you want and none of that stuff matters, just talk to her. It's that simple:)

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