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Para guard IUD birth control and may be pregnant?

Had my baby oct 16th and got IUD para guard birth control put in nov 15th and it's now December and I've yet to start my period since I had my son.. Sick all the time,neusea,tired..and once a day when I use the restroom there a tiny bit of light pink blood on the tissue but not even close to a period.and stomachs pain

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    Are you breastfeeding? If you are your cycle could not return until your son is weaned. If you are not it can take several months for your cycle to become normal after you have a baby. You can take a home test but chances are your cycles havent regulated since you had your son.

    I am breastfeeding and my daughter is 7 months old, I have not had a period since she was born. When I was breastfeeding my son I didn't get one for 16 months since he was still nursing.

    Source(s): 4 pregnancies and pregnancy support partner (doula)
  • take a test, it is a chance you could be pregnant

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