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Can someone help me with these two trigonometry questions?

1. A surveyor standing 60 meters from the base of a building measures the angle to the top of the building and finds it to be 36 degrees. The surveyor then measures the angle to the top of the radio tower on the building and finds that it is 47 degrees. How tall is the radio tower?

2. A rocket tracking station has two telescopes A and B placed 1.9 miles apart. The telescopes lock onto a rocket and transmit their angles of elevation to a computer after a rocket launch. What is the distance to the rocket from telescope B at the moment when both tracking stations are directly east of the rocket telescope? Telescope A reports and angle of elevation of 29 degrees, and telescope B reports an angle of elevation of 49 degrees.

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    1) 60sin(36)= ...without antenna

    60sin(47)= ...with antenna

    not sure about #2

    Source(s): i dont have my calculater with me
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