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What is there interesting to see in panama?

My family and I are going to panama in 2 weeks. We are willing to travel to any cities in panama. We like the outdoors and nature. Any suggestions from tourists who have been to panama?

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    Besides the canal, in Panama City there are the ruins of the first town that was destroyed by pirates and the "Casco Viejo" which is the old Colonial part of town. In the old canal zone, the Smithsonian institute manages and island which a great place to learn about lowland rangeland ecology. The coffee zone around Boquete and Volcan is interesting as are the islands of Bocas del toro. Also the Kuna Indians in the San Blas islands are well worth visiting.

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    Most tourists will tell you to visit Casco Viejo, near Panama City proper. You in fact probably will visit Casco Viejo whether you plan to or not. its a short drive on land.

    Most tourists will desire to visit San Blas because it is amazing beaches and Aboriginal cultural experience. You would have to fly there.

    Bocas Del Torro is where some episodes of "Survivor" where filmed, so that i a spot that some find interesting. You would have to fly there.

    But what many people will forget to tell you about, unless they live there and/or love you and are concerned with your time well spent there, is El Valle.

    It is a small town inside of a Volcano. You can drive there in a few hours. Its worth the trip especially if you are outdoorsy people.

    El Valle, it is like a best kept secret. There is hiking, horse riding, hot springs, canopy zip-lining, and its a freakin town inside of an extinct volcano.

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